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We design long-lasting solutions

Our design method


Component study

Before starting mass production that is optimal and successful, the customer sends our professionals the drawing of the component they want and we transfer it within our three-dimensional modeling software, so we create a collaboration between our customers and the professionals within the company.

The customer feels involved in the design of the “tailor made” component, and the professionals are facilitated to finalize a product that meets 100% of the requirements.


Prototype development

To be sure that the design is excellent, prototyping is necessary.

It involves verifying whether the component works with respect to:

01.  the context in which it will work

02.  to the actual needs of the customer


Mold design

To print the quality that each of our customers deserves, our work underwent a change in 2016 by introducing a new machining center aimed at optimizing processes.

We moved from just using 3D drawing to implementation with CAD – CAM software, generating tool paths of our 3- to 5-axis CNC machines.

All aimed at 100% satisfaction of our client