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3 generations serving your machining operations

We are a leading manufacturer of brass molds and fittings. Our dedication to quality has made us a trusted choice for those seeking reliable, high-end solutions.

Discover some of our plus points:

We design Tailor
Made solutions
We meet every
customer's need
Our production is
entirely Made in Italy

Why choose our pipe fittings?

We design and manufacture Made in Italy solutions with an innovative and technological outlook while respecting our host environment.

Brass fittings
PE pipe fittings
Multilayer pipe fittings
With passion and precision we create unbreakable links between parts.

A look at production

To ensure the highest quality of the product, we study with the customer a 3D design that meets the most demanding requirements, thanks also to cooperation with renowned plumbing and heating companies in the country.

Professionalism, Seriousness, Operational Continuity.


Approach to the future

In the face of an increasingly demanding market, we have decided to introduce state-of-the-art machinery into the production process to ensure excellent processing of fittings and customized products, thanks in part to the use of CAD CAM design software.

Do you need help designing the right product for your need?

Our team of experts will be ready to meet your every request, contact us!